About us

VARMED Management Group, Corp. is a privately held company. Founded in 2010, we are a company comprised of highly trained professionals seeking to respond to healthcare providers’ needs, such as insurance companies, hospitals, and IPAs in Puerto Rico. We strive to acquire better resources and administrative staff support to enhance the quality of patient lives through better treatment. VarMed was initially conceived to serve the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage populations in PR mainly but has since then expanded to serve other areas of the healthcare industry. Currently, Varmed has its headquarters in the Ave. Kennedy, Sector Bechara 342 San Luis ST, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with over 100 employees who come from all parts of the island.

At Varmed Management, our goal is to provide fully integrated solutions to healthcare and insurance providers. With our systems, our clients can provide better care for individuals, improve their health, and lower their per capita growth in expenditures. With our services, our clients surpass their member’s expectations of quality healthcare and eliminate unnecessary costs. Our team of experienced Care Management Professionals will provide the best medical, social, and management practices. Quality of care in the forms of prevention, precision medicine, and efficient management of chronic diseases will be an instrument of choice to achieve our goals. Technology is the backbone of our operation, for it provides precise and immediate communication and analytics efficiently to support our efforts and demonstrate our results. Varmed has also become a pioneer in developing processes, policies, and procedures specialized for the super utilizer population.


We are a primary care provider, and we leverage our solutions through our services in population health management. The organization is committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients and improving the quality of life through patient empowerment, resulting in better healthcare outcomes and costs reduction.

Technology is our backbone by integrating innovative solutions, including programs such as:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Medication Adherence
  • Disease and Case Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Nurse Advice Line
  • Health population management
  • Telemedicine, among others.

The quality of life of patients, transforming entities, and organizations that provide health is our priority.


As pioneers in population health management in Puerto Rico, our vision is to maintain patients healthy and to be leaders in transforming the healthcare industry by eliminating critical gaps in care and achieve collaboration between stakeholders as recognized by patients, team member, provides and the community.

Patients first

Always put our patients at the center of everything we do.


Strive for excellence in the quality of care offered to our patients.

Discipline drive

Have a “whatever it takes” approach to ensure our patients’ well-being.


Build a healthy future for our patients.

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