Varmed Management relaunches its brand and services

by | Jun 29, 2020 | News | 1 comment

As part of digital transformation initiatives, Varmed Management renews its brand and portfolio of services, given the local need for integrated medicine services that follow HIPAA practices and that can serve the high-risk and high-needs population.

 Varmed Management services are diversified into a total of 13 specialties, which are oriented to support insurers, IPAs, and primary medical providers on the Island of Puerto Rico. Varmed’s services help on extending the healthcare networks through its own healthcare centers, also with telemedicine,  triage services, and patient identification and stratification through the collection of patient data.

 Its services help extend health networks through its own health centers, telemedicine and triage services, and patient identification and stratification through the collection of patient data stratification of patients through the collection of patient data.

 Given the current situation of COVID 19, Varmed Management Group launches a relevant line of business for the collection of data by providing telephone triage and patient management in case of being affected by the virus.

 Additionally, the group has partnered with Direct Relief to cover transportation costs to hospitals with the Varmed Transport fleet, a cobranding with Uber Health.  This initiative was created to support patients who must undergo dialysis and chemotherapy, but who do not have the financial resources to pay the cost of a taxi and are also not eligible to be covered by the expenses of medical insurance.

 Varmed Management & Direct Relief took action in the face of the reality that many patients living with the limitations of quarantine. For this, they have guaranteed biosecurity measures with their drivers and vehicles to ensure greater asepsis during the transfer of this type of patient.

 Today Varmed Management makes its Contact Center, Triage, primary medicine, and population health management services available, strengthening the possibilities and options for patients. Our commitment is health first, and with this, we have wanted to provide further visibility to our continuous actions. This technological development supports each service and ease in accessing these services for our clients and strategic partners.

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