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Population health management

Risk scores and risk stratification techniques are fundamental for any successful population health management program. VarMed has combined the efforts with several partners to provide solutions to accurately identify high-risk members/patients and determine the appropriate level of care and engagement.

Disease management

VarMed’s Disease Management program integrates customizable population identification processes, the use of evidence-based practice guidelines, and regular feedback between patients, providers, and health plans, with the primary goal of improving patients’ quality of life.

Case management

Our model is designed to improve the health of selected high cost, chronically ill, and vulnerable beneficiaries with especial needs known and deliver better outcomes for them by linking health and financial risk assessments, integrated clinical care with community-based interventions.

Health risk assessment

 All our population management  programs include the completion of a health risk assessment as an instrument to collect health information history, based on medical guidelines and regulations for Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare managed care delivery models.

Clinical assesment /
A non-clinical representative

Our Care team, either technical and clinical, works together work directly with patients to guide them in the care management, treatments and documentation.

Telephonic health risk assessment

Our care management programs provide the versatility of performing both telephonic and face to face health risk appraisals. VarMed’s team of physicians is also available to perform Medicare Clinical Health Risk Assessments required by Medicare Advantage regulations.

Medication adherence program

VarMed’s Medication-adherence program combines measurement techniques, including biological markers, clinical monitoring, patient assessments, and prescription claims data to improve performance on quality measures.

Weight management program

Our wellness program combines several strategies such as:   initial clinical assessments,  wellness educational sessions with employees, chronic condition management, and weight management

Telemedicine services

Our telemedicine platform provides an HIPAA compliant mechanism to complete several medical services. All these solutions are  found within the same EHR platform; therefore, all encounters are safely documented and available to our clients.  

Nurse advice line (Triage)

VarMed’s Medical call center provides nurse triage, health advice and referral services and facilities as defined within the  client’s provider Networks and demographic availability.

Admitting physician
program – Hospitalist

VarMed’s Solution to target and decrease hospital admission and readmission rates, integrates the efforts of our On-Call Internal and Pediatric medicine hospitalists to provide general medical care, coordination of care, test results, treatments, and other medical services required during a hospital admission.

Covid 19 – Advice line

VarMed’s Covid 19 Advice Line provides guidance specific to Covid 19 to our population. Our advice line is equipped with the latest and best available evidence to educate our population on best practices.

Gaps in care

VarMed Management is committed to improving the Quality of Health Care Performance Measurement (CPM), which includes health plans, patients and providers, to audit, coordinate, work and oversee the evolution of the measurement sets required by the Management Services Organizations.


We guide our patients through the journey of health, to achieve a better quality of life.

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