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Gaps in care

VarMed Management is committed to improving the Quality of Health Care Performance Measurement (CPM), which includes health plans, patients and providers, to audit, coordinate, work, and oversee the evolution of the measurement sets required by the Management Services Organizations. Our program combines medical records, clinical assessments, technical experience, HEDIS and Coding programs, population health activities, and the calculation of measure rates for submission to external program services; to assist on the closure of gaps in care. Which consequently help improve RAF scores and overall performance measurements.

 Additionally, we use HEDIS performance data to identify opportunities for improvement, monitor the success of quality improvement initiatives, track improvement, and provide a set of measurement standards that allow comparison to monitor progress.  We also establish realistic targets for improvement by preparing and developing strategies to close gaps.


We provide audits to comply with management services organizations
Data Monitoring for the evolution of measurement sets
Strategic plans for closing gaps in the coordination of care

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